Jaya One: Hi-Fi Hotspot Pt 2

I went back to Jaya One in Petaling Jaya today to have another look at the existing hi-fi outlets there (and not the Nagra monoblocks).

Before AVP Soundcraft and Clarity MP opened (see previous post), there were already three hi-fi outlets at Jaya One - the B & W showroom, Nova Hifi and Music by Design/Audio Perfectionist (which shares one unit).

Actually the visit was quite fruitful as I found out that Rotel will be distributed by B & W (The Experts Group) from June and CEC has discontinued its belt-drive TL51/TL51X CD players and only the high-end TL-1N and TL-0X transports and the cheaper TL53X will be the belt-driven models still in production.

Audio Perfectionist/Music by Design

Located on the first floor of Block J, this outlet has its regulars, mostly McIntosh fans.
Under Music by Design are labels such as CEC, Cary Audio, Vienna Acoustics, Grado (cartridges and headphones/headphone amps), Burmester, SRM (turntable), Magna Acustic (turntable) and Continuum (turntable).

Under Audio Perfectionist are labels like McIntosh, Opera, and Sim 2 and Cineversum projectors.

It has two rooms - the first room has a Cary/CEC/Vienna Acoustics system while the other room has a McIntosh system with Sim 2 projector.

The Cary/CEC/Vienna Acoustics system.

The McIntosh-based system in the second listening room

The Magna Acustic turntable.

The SRM Athena turntable.

The CEC TL53X will be the only mid-market
belt-driven CD player from CEC.

Admin executive Esther Ng told me that CEC has discontinued the TL51/51X belt-driven CD players and a new range will be launched soon.

To make an appointment, call 03-79541882/79542818.

B & W Showroom (The Experts Group)

This showroom is located a floor above the supermarket and is manned by Zul and Raj, two enthusiastic music lovers.

The last time I visited this showroom, it had just opened and the B & W Signature Diamond speakers were driven by Classe gear.

This time, the RM100k speakers were driven by T+A components. The T+A P1260R preamp (RM12,500)and A 1560 power amp (RM17,500) with Olive 06HD music server (RM17,500) were used.

The Olive music server

The demo system at B&W featuring T+A pre-power amps, Olive
music server and B&W Signature Diamond speakers.

The T+A pre and power amp.

So, if you have not been to the B & W showroom for a while, it would be worthwhile to check out this new music server and the T+A components.

Raj told me that from next month, they will be distributing Rotel and BDI AV furniture.
Every month, several systems are put up on offer.

You can call 03-79568989 to find what the monthly offers are.

Nova Hifi

Situated above One Chef restaurant, Nova Hifi has some pretty high-end and interesting gear.

Its owner M.K. Lai is an audiophile and he knows his stuff. When you visit Nova Hifi, you must ask Lai to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Harmonix tuning feet by simply removing them from the Reimyo CD transport and putting them back.

Nova Hifi's owner M.K. Lai and his Reimyo-based system.

While he sells some Linn and KEF products, he is the distributor for Harmonix tuning feet and cables; Reimyo CD transport, CD player, pre and power amps; Enacom line filters and Orb power taps and cables. He also sells lots of audiophile LPs and the Disc Doctor vinyl cleaning products.

In his listening room is a system comprising the Reimyo CDT777 transport, Reimyo ALS-777 AC Line Stabiliser, Reimyo DAP999 Ex DAC and the Reimyo CAT 777 preamp. At the moment he is using an old Conrad-Johnson power amp, but an expensive Reimyo power amp will replace it soon.

He uses either the Dynaudio C1 or the Linn Majik speakers for demo purposes. Needless to say, all the components are on Harmonix footers.

For an appointment, call M.K. Lai at 019-2226129.

Looks like an audiophile can spend an entire day at Jaya One and with the number of restaurants and pubs there, he can also have his lunch and dinner there.

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