Jaya One: Hi-Fi Hotspot Pt. 1

Audiophiles will be spoilt for choice at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya, which has become the new 'Amcorp Mall of hi-fi'.

Two Singapore-based high-end hi-fi outlets have opened there and when I checked them out yesterday, I was treated to a fantastic sonic experience - so many high-end systems, so little time.

I heard systems that I had first heard during the KL International AV Show two years ago such as the German Physiks omnidirectional speakers driven by Sim Audio Moon electronics. 

My first stop was...


Back in the 1990s, Singapore-based AVP Soundcraft had an outlet on Jalan Ampang in Kuala Lumpur, but the financial crisis of 1997 forced the company to downsize and close the KL operations.

Now, the company has decided to invest in Malaysia again and AVP Soundcraft has opened at 11-LG-1, Block D, Jaya One, on the same row as the supermarket. You have to walk up the staircase beside Uncle K Kopitiam and AVP is to your right.

AVP sells Sim Audio Moon CD players, pre and power amps; Verity Audio speakers; German Physiks speakers; Nagra CD players, pre and power valve amps; Acoustic Solid turntables; Audioplanar cables; Canton speakers; and Sapphire cables.

Showroom manager Waymond Loke showed me the three listening rooms.

Showroom manager Waymond Loke with the Sim Audio
Moon CD player, integrated amp and Verity 
Rienze speakers.

German Physiks HRS120 speakers with Sim Audio Moon components.

Sales executive Goh Seau Wui flanked by the German Physiks speaker
and the Acoustic Solid Basic One turntable with matching stand.

The Acoustic Solid Basic One turntable without the red mat.
It is available without the stand.

The Nagra/Verity system was good to look at and nice to listen to.

The glowing valves of the Nagra monoblock amp.

The first room had a pair of Verity Rienze speakers driven by Sim Audio Moon i3.3 integrated amp and Sim Audio Moon CD 5.3 CD player.

The second room's system consisted of the German Physiks HRS120 speakers (RM103,000), Sim Audio Moon CD 5.3 (RM17,200), Sim audio Moon P5.3 preamp (RM18,900) and Sim Audio Moon W5.3 power amp (RM23,800). In one corner was the Acoustic Solid Basic One turntable with matching stand.

The third room was not only a sonic treat, but it had eye-candy too - the Nagra VPA valve monoblocks were certainly a sight to behold.

At RM70,000 a pair, they were comparatively affordable compared with the sky-high prices of other high-end equipment these days.

It was matched with the Nagra PLL pre (RM36,800) and Nagra CDC CD player (RM66,000 with built-in pre; RM55,000 without the pre).

The Nagra monoblocks were driving a pair of Verity Sarastro II speakers with ribbon tweeters (RM111,500).

The system looked so good that I told myself I had to go back another day for a longer look - and listen to some songs, of course.

Call 03-79609733 if you are heading to AVP Soundcraft.

Then I took the escalator up, turned right and headed to...


The General Manager Cliff Lee offered me some wine, but since it was too early for that, I opted for orange juice.

Clarity MP has two rooms for AV and music - the first features Lexicon components and Wisdom sound system.

The Mark Levinson No 53 monoblocks powering the Revel Salon 2 speakers.

Clarity MP general manager Cliff Lee.

The Dream Vision projector.

The star attractions were in the second room - the massive Mark Levinson No 53 monoblocks (RM180,000) driving a pair of Revel Salon 2 speakers (RM91,000). The music and video source was the Kaleidescape audio and video server which stores copies of Blu-ray discs, DVDs and CDs connected to the Mark Levinson No 502 Media Console.

The projector was the Dream Vision which projected images on a 147" anamorphic widescreen cinematic display. That room has a 7.2 AV system comprising Mark Levinson amplification and Revel speakers.

Clarity MP is at Block C-41-G. Call 03-79605503 for an appointment.

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