New Asia Sound outlet

Asia Sound manager Eddie Tan standing next to the
Paradigm Signature S6 and S8 (right) speakers

Looks like Amcorp Mall in Petaling Jaya has become the focus of hi-fi action in Malaysia.
A new hi-fi outlet has opened there, but it does not involve a totally new dealer - it is more of an expansion involving one of the top dealers in town.
Asia Sound Equipment (M) Sdn Bhd already has an outlet on the first floor which you can easily spot because of the colourful Rega P3-24 turntables on display.
Asia Sound manager Eddie Tan said business this year had been good especially with Rega turntables selling very well.
Thus the company decided to expand by having another showroom on the third floor right next to McDonald's.
The new showroom opened last Saturday (Oct 3) and the equipment has already been set up.
Eddie Tan said the new showroom features Paradigm speakers and the higher-end Rega turntables such as the Rega P5, P7 and P9 and speakers like the Rega RS7.

The Paradigm Monitor II and Rega RS7 speakers

It also has some AKG microphones and headphones and Rotel pre and power amps.
Near the entrance is a pair of Focal-JM Labs Alto Utopia Be.Since it is already a discontinued model, the pair which was previously priced at RM88,000 is on offer at RM55,000.
"We will be bringing in the JM Labs Elektra range next month. And Rega will have a new range next year including a valve amp," he said.

If you have RM55,000 to blow, this pair of
Focal-JM Labs Alto Utopia Be beauties will be yours.

The Rega Apollo CD player, Rega
Cursa 3 pre and Maia 3 power amp

Set up for auditioning is a system comprising Rega Apollo CD player, Cursa 3 pre and Maia 3 power amp connected via Rega speaker cables to Paradigm Signature S8 floorstanders.
The showroom looks classy and the black and white photos on the wall give it an arty feel. The photos, btw, are taken by Eddie Tan himself, who not only likes hi-fi but is also a talented photographer.
As for the first floor shop, it will sell low to low-mid components.


  1. Yes, i am using the RS7 uses a 2.5 way driver system, offers accurate low frequency and very even and extended high quality treble performance. The RS7 loudspeakers have been designed to be effective, easy to use and above all to reproduce music.


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