Leslie does Malaysia proud

Leslie Loh of poppopmusic, the producer of audiophile CDs, has done Malaysia proud again.

He announced on Facebook that "Taiwan's Biggest and Oldest Hi-Fi Dealer, Taifu Audio Group will be giving out a FREE compilation audiophile CD to those who buy the new Dynaudio "Xeo" wireless Speaker, and pop pop music has been proudly selected as one of the contributors to the CD!

"And there's a commentary on Winnie Ho's "A Thousand Words" by famous veteran Audiophile Dr. Cai. The highly authoritative and widely respected Dr. Cai is the choice person when it comes to audio commentary in almost every compilation CDs given out by Hi-Fi dealers or Hi-Fi show organizers."

Well, kudos to Leslie and may there be more audiophile CDs and (free) downloads.


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