KLIAVS 2012: Bryston's star performer

For headphone enthusiasts, Jaben was around again in this year's edition of the KLIAVS.
While that was quite welcome, what was more exciting was the Bryston headphone amp.
At the AV Designs room, I saw someone testing it and waited patiently for him to finish.
When it was my turn to test it, I heard music through a pair of Denon headphones.
Then I tried the AKG701and finally, the star performer - the Grado PS1000.
I did not spend enough time playing with it, but I know for sure that it can drive anything with its 3-watt output. Even the infamous AKG K1000 can be driven by the Bryston.
James said he would pass it to me for a more comprehensive review after the show and I am actually anxious to compare it with my resident tube Melos SHA-1 headphone amp/preamp.


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