Revival of Acoustique Systems

While things involving hi-fi had been evolving around his outlet in Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya, for quite a while, C.N. Lim of Acoustisque Systems had been left out in the cold.

Not any more - his 'revival' began when he was appointed the master dealer of Rythmik sub-woofers for Klang Valley late last year.

Rythmik sub-woofers are available at Acoustique systems.

The Rythmik range had been brought in by Maxx Audio Visual in Seremban and the owner Max Loh roped in Lim to expand his dealership.

Next to knock on Lim's door was Monitor Audio. The popular British speakers are now on demo at Acoustique Systems.

C.N. Lim is now the Klang Valley dealer for Monitor Audio speakers.

Lim was also appointed a dealer for Audiolab products and this popular brand has also been attracting many audiophiles to his outlet.

Recently, Lim became the dealer for DH Labs Silver Sonic cables. Previously, DH Labs cables were sold in The Hi-Fi Shop in 1Utama shopping mall and eversince it closed in late 2010, many Malaysian audiophiles were asking where they could buy the affordable and good DH Labs cables.

DH Labs interconnects, HDMI and co-ax cables on sale at Acoustique Systems.

Power cords from DH Labs with Sine plugs.

Now Lim's outlet is very jampacked as there are lots of boxes of Monitor Audio speakers, Audiolab CD players, Rythmik sub-woofers and DH Labs cables.


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