Coming soon: Wyred 4 Sound Music Server

This product was showcased at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) which was held from October 14-16.

Now we know why the W4S DAC2 comes with a HDMI port.

From "The limitations that can come with wireless streaming are no longer an issue. The design starts with a ultra reliable, maintenance free OS based on Linux and a customized output board that feeds S/PDIF to your existing DAC or direct I²S into the W4S DAC-­2 via HDMI. The server can be configured with up to 3TB of hard‐drive storage. The server is accessible/controllable using Logitech Squeezebox, Sonos and many other common controlling software. 

"You can control the server with: Apple devices such as iTouch, iPhone and iPad as well as Android devices and phones. This is convenient for wireless control and the direct digital connection meaning that files can be streamed up to 24/192 with ease and no wireless compression! Internet and a wireless network is required. 

"The server has been simplified to avoid the need for customizations and to eliminate the learning curve that comes with traditional computer streaming. As a result of this direct approach and digital output there are no concerns about properly setting up DSP’s or output modes such as kernel streaming or integer playback. The most difficult decision will be what CD to rip next! 

• Easy one time set-­‐up! 
• Compatible with ANY DAC 
• Coax, Toslink, and I²S Digital outputs 
• USB or Network file uploading 
• On­‐board Tag editor 
• Auto­‐rips CDs with internal drive! 
• Compatible with Logitech and Sonos* software 
• Ethernet connection to allow for wireless control, internet radio and tag editing 
• Internet radio and 3rd party apps* such as Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify, and more! 
• Optional high performance power supply to be released at a later date 
• New Chassis Design 
*planned to be ready for product release but currently under development 


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