KLIAVS: Triangle and Krell

Triangle Magellan Cello speakers.

The Krell KAV-400xi matches very well with the Cello speakers.

After weeks of auditioning and with the help of audiophile friends, Max Loh - the owner of Maxx AV from Seremban - has finally decided to use the Krell KAV-400xi integrated amp to drive his flagship Triangle Magellan Cello speakers.

The source will be the Exposure 3010s2 CD player and cables will be from the XLO Reference and Signature series.

"Surprisingly, the Krell drives the Magellan speakers very well," Max said.

The second system in his room will comprise: Exposure 3010s2 CDP, Exposure 3010s2 integrated amp, Triangle Genese Trio bookshelf speakers on original TS400 stands and cables by Kimber Kable.

He will also showcase his SVS sub-woofers.


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