KLIAVS: Premiere of ADAM Grand Theatre speakers

The ADAM Grand Theatre Series of speakers.

Ultimate Reference AV Centre will present the Asian premiere of ADAM Grand Theater Series speakers at Starhill 2B room.

According to the German firm’s brochure: “This series consists of four components that can be individually combined. Each component incorporates ADAM’s own transducer technology, the ART (Accelerating Ribbon Technology), and high-grade midwoofers. The two bigger speakers have integrated segments on which the drivers are mounted. These segments can be twisted by 90 degrees so that the speakers can function both in a horizontal and vertical setup. In addition this feature allows the easy and efficient adjustment of the tweeter according to the position of the audience.”

Room 835 (Audiomatic)

The iPad app which controls the Bladelius Embla.
The latest iPad app from Bladelius which controls the Embla will be demonstrated and music streamed from a Network-Attached Storage (NAS) will be played.
The Bladelius USB DAC.

The new and very affordable Bladelius USB DAC will also be on demo.

Room 837 (Audiomatic)

This room will be where the Scandinavians will really make a statement - there will be a full range of new Vitus Audio Reference series components on demo including the RI-100 Integrated amplifier, RL-101 Linestage and RP-101 Phonostage. It will be partnered with Marten Getz loudspeakers and EAT Forte S turntable.

The Vitus RI-100 integrated amp.

Other models from the Vitus reference series including the RS-100 power amplifier, RCD-100 CD player with USB input and RD-100 DAC with USB input will be released later this year.

Room Starhill 4 and 2B (Ultimate Reference AV Centre)

A full range of Vicoustic products will be shown and a Large Venue Projector for Crossover Use will be on demo at room Starhill 4.

The Vivitek D8300 projector.

A room treated with Vicoustics products.

The Vivitek D8300 transitions 1080p between professional and home applications. Featuring 6,500 lumens of brightness and advanced image processing technologies, the D8300 custom installation projector delivers incredible digital images with full color saturation. With manual lens shift functions and multiple connectivity options, the Vivitek D8300 creates a superior picture for large venue environments.

The latest technology from Vivitek – Vivi-Blending, ultra-wide screen with 4-6 megapixels conference room system will be on demo at room Starhilll 2B.


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