'Ultimate' AV showroom

"Many of our customers asked us when we would be opening a shop in KL/PJ," said Fong Weng Hin, one of the partners of Audio Art in Ipoh.

That was why Fong and his partner Yoon Tuck Chee decided to move south and open a hi-fi/AV outlet at 10 Boulevard, Petaling Jaya.

Directors of Ultimate Reference AV Centre
 Yoon Tuck Chee (left) and Fong Weng Hin.

Called Ultimate Reference AV Centre, it is on B-1-23A (1st floor), Bougainvillea block, which is the row of shophouses facing the Sprint Highway just before the turn-off to Bandar Utama (if you are driving from Kuala Lumpur).

On Friday, a group of bloggers, hi-fi writers, regular customers of Audio Art and some dealers met at Ultimate Reference for some wine and food.

They were also taken on a short tour of the outlet which has two rooms specially for AV (one of which can be used for two-channel listening) and a 'living room' for hi-fi auditioning featuring Marten speakers and Vitus CD player and Audionet amp.

"The market in KL/PJ is bigger and the range of products available is wider.

"We do 60% AV and 40% hi-fi. There has been an increase in demand for AV because of high-definition programmes such as Astro B.yond," said Fong.

The range of products at Ultimate Reference is listed in an earlier post http://hi-fi-avenue.blogspot.com/2011/04/new-hi-fi-and-av-outlet-opens.html

The 'living room' where you can listen to the Vitus/Audionet/Marten system.

The owners and the store manager are friendly folks and the outlet has a nice ambiance.

The outlet is quite tastefully done and private auditions are welcome - just call store manager Boon Shim at 03-77314999 to fix an appointment.


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