Sunday, April 17, 2011

'Ultimate' AV showroom

"Many of our customers asked us when we would be opening a shop in KL/PJ," said Fong Weng Hin, one of the partners of Audio Art in Ipoh.

That was why Fong and his partner Yoon Tuck Chee decided to move south and open a hi-fi/AV outlet at 10 Boulevard, Petaling Jaya.

Directors of Ultimate Reference AV Centre
 Yoon Tuck Chee (left) and Fong Weng Hin.

Called Ultimate Reference AV Centre, it is on B-1-23A (1st floor), Bougainvillea block, which is the row of shophouses facing the Sprint Highway just before the turn-off to Bandar Utama (if you are driving from Kuala Lumpur).

On Friday, a group of bloggers, hi-fi writers, regular customers of Audio Art and some dealers met at Ultimate Reference for some wine and food.

They were also taken on a short tour of the outlet which has two rooms specially for AV (one of which can be used for two-channel listening) and a 'living room' for hi-fi auditioning featuring Marten speakers and Vitus CD player and Audionet amp.

"The market in KL/PJ is bigger and the range of products available is wider.

"We do 60% AV and 40% hi-fi. There has been an increase in demand for AV because of high-definition programmes such as Astro B.yond," said Fong.

The range of products at Ultimate Reference is listed in an earlier post

The 'living room' where you can listen to the Vitus/Audionet/Marten system.

The owners and the store manager are friendly folks and the outlet has a nice ambiance.

The outlet is quite tastefully done and private auditions are welcome - just call store manager Boon Shim at 03-77314999 to fix an appointment.

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