Radical design from Thorens

Vinyl was supposed to have become obsolete some two decades ago when the CD was launched.

But now when the CD  format is said to be in its last legs, analogue companies like Thorens are still launching turntables.

Class, as they say, is permanent. And the vinyl addicts will proclaim that LPs and turntables are class acts.

When you pass by Asia Sound in Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, you will see colourful turntables on display - these are the Rega P3-24s.

Tucked in one corner near the door is something that looks like the body of an electric guitar.

That is the new Thorens - the TD309 that has set the vinyl market buzzing.

This is not a revamp of an old design - it's a totally new creation that does not look like a typical Thorens.

If you are a fan of the TD124/125/160, etc, you will be surprised by the radical design.

It has a glass platter and felt mat a la Rega, but that is where the similarity ends.

The TD309 has an isolation device - a Tri-Balance suspended sub chassis - and adjustable belt tension by moving the motor which is suspended on something that looks like the spider of a speaker unit.

It also comes with a balance weight and a spirit level to ensure the system is perfectly flat.
The aluminium sub platter with single line contact has a spindle that is 10mm in diameter which provides more stability.

Its plinth is made of MDF and covered with red or black lacquer. Personally, I prefer the cooler looking red model. Its odd angular shape is to diffuse vibrations and resonances.

The TP92 arm that comes with the turntable is also a new design and an Audio Technica AT95E moving magnet cartridge is also supplied. The cost: RM4,900.


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