The first upgrade for everyone

For the past few months I have been using a pair of interconnects that must be one of the best bargains in hi-fi in Malaysia.

Costing only RM390 per pair, they come with original Neutrik plugs and are from a reputable British company famed for making turntables, CD players and speakers.

Anyone who is still using the interconnects that came with the CD player they bought must buy this pair of interconnects as their first upgrade and chances are they may not want to upgrade any further.

These multi-strand copper interconnects have a full and rich sound with a deep bass and wide soundstage. Most importantly, they sound very musical.

The edges of images are not as well defined as more expensive interconnects - the images are stable but not as finely etched. Micro details and micro dynamics could be better rendered, but at this price, there should be no complaints.

They are fit and forget types and the Neutrik plugs are designed such that "the earth shield is designed to contact before the positive centre terminal to eliminate loud 'thumps' if the leads are connected whilst equipment is live".

Capacitance is low at 70pF/meter. When I compared them with a high-capacitance design - the Alphacore Micropurl Silver - I found out that both were good performers. As they say, in hi-fi there are many ways to skin a cat and with the Alphacore, it was the silver that gave it a clearer but leaner sound.

The best-buy interconnects I am raving about are called the Rega Couple.

The double-shielded wire itself is from Klotz, the German manufacturer, which makes phono leads for Rega. In fact, it looks like the Rega Couple interconnects are the phono cables of the Rega P9 fitted with Neutrik plugs. Well, if they work for a turntable, they should work for a CD player - or any other hi-fi component that needs interconnects.

So the next time you are in Amcorp Mall in Petaling Jaya, walk into Asia Sound and check out the Rega Couple.


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