Watching 3-D TV

There I was window-shopping in 1Utama in Petaling Jaya a few days ago when I happened to notice Sony displaying its latest gear at the New Wing concourse.

I sauntered into the fenced-off area and saw several people wearing sporty spectacles and watching two huge LCD TV screens in a large cubicle in the centre.It quickly dawned on me that they were watching 3D TV and I eagerly queued up to see for myself.

The spectacles are not the blue (cyan) and red type that you normally wear to watch 3D movies. These new ones are battery powered and look sporty and cool.

One TV was showing animated scenes and I thought the 3-D effect was good. On the other TV, a scene of a polar bear jumping into a pool of water was shown and everything was sharp, clear and very 3-D. I looked at the screen from various angles and the 3-D effect was very apparent.

I removed the 3-D spectacles and the images on the TV screen were fuzzy. I put the spectacles on and the images were sharp and 3-D again.

I was impressed, but bear in mind that they were demo disks which have to be of high quality. What about normal broadcasts? I am not sure, but I am certain I will be able to find out later as all the big boys like Sony, Panasonic and Samsung are rolling out their 3-D TVs in the next few months.

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