Learning curve

The Exact Audio Copy (EAC) may be freeware but it is extremely sophisticated.
I have learnt that you have to configure it correctly before it can give the results that it is capable of.
I have also learnt that there are numerous websites on how to configure EAC properly but many are for older versions of EAC.
There is also lots of debate going on about whether to enable certain functions especially on the Extraction Method Tab.
Everyone will tell you to select ‘Secure mode’.
The ‘Drive Has Accurate Stream’ feature is controversial. One website said to check 'no' even if the drive has accurate stream just to force EAC to do jitter control even though it will slow down the ripping process. Others said if the drive has accurate stream, it is okay to check this box.
The next ‘Drive Caches Audio Data’ is also controversial. Some say to check it just in case while the others say if the drive does not cache audio to leave it unchecked.
The third feature: 'Drive is capable of retrieving C2 error information' is even more controversial and most will tell you to leave it unchecked.
After spending much time going through several websites including hydrogenaudio and numerous 'how-to' tips, I found the best configuration method for the latest version of EAC to be from this website:
This website even includes some commands on the right way to rip. Its configuration does result in longer ripping times, but the end product is excellent.
Now that I am quite confident I have clicked the right buttons, I am planning to rip my CD collection, some of which already have fungus growing on them.


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