Mini Maggies sound like maxi system

A Maggie computer speaker system? Well, the Mini Maggie System functions both as computer speakers and as hi-fi speakers for a small room.

Two small panels and a larger woofer panel make up the Mini Maggie system which essentially is a 3.7 in miniature.

According to the Maggie website, it is the world's first full-range dipole speaker system that will sit on (and under) your desk. 

"The Mini Maggie is essentially a miniaturized version of the 3.7 midrange and tweeter. The Maggie Woofer (DWM) is a small section out of the 20.1 bass driver that sits under your desk in the foot well. Together, it is very much like a 3.7 - up close and personal.

"The Mini Maggie System was originally designed to be a miniature 3.7 on your desk. But, we were pleasantly surprised how well it works in a small room (especially when used with two Maggie Woofers)," the website states.

Manager Ong Liang Heng seems very pleased with
the Mini Maggie System. The small panel on top
of the floorstander (right) is the satellite Maggie
speaker while the bass panel is on the floor to Ong's right.

The satellite Maggie speaker.

The rear of the dipole speaker.

Look closely and you will see the midrange and
tweeter panels of the Mini Maggie.

At Absolute AV Gallery in Amcorp Mall, a Mini Maggie System is on demo and manager Ong Liang Heng said it should cost below RM6,000.

I spent some time listening to it before we adjourned for a cup of tea.

The three-way true ribbon planar-magnetic speaker system sounded surprisingly good in the showroom though the lowest bass octave was not that apparent, but it was enjoyable nevertheless. It is rated to go down to 40Hz and the treble soars to 40kHz.

The sound is very transparent - like all Maggies - and detailed with images that sort of hover in mid-air.

I feel it would be wasted if used as a computer speaker system - it certainly is suitable for a small room. A second system for the bedroom perhaps? Or a main system for a small condo?


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