KLIAVS: Triangle's flagship speakers

Maxx AV from Seremban will just be exhibiting simple two-channel systems for music lovers at this year's KL International AV Show.

Last year, Max Loh, owner of Maxx AV, had a tough time trying to control the poor acoustics of the room he was in to showcase his SVS sub-woofers.

Since he has become the distributor for Triangle speakers, he will be bringing in a model from the Triangle flagship Magellan range for his first system.

Triangle Magellan Cello speakers.
First system:
Speakers: Triangle Magellan Cello speakers (retail price RM60,000).
Cables: XLO
Amp and source: Not confirmed yet.

Second system:

Exposure 3010s2 CDP
Exposure 3010s2 int amp
Triangle Genese Trio bookshelf speakers on original TS400 stands.
Cables by Kimber Kable

A sealed SVS sub-woofer will also be on demo.


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