JM Lab: Favourable first impressions

First impressions of the Focal-JM Lab Diablo and Scala are favourable - they ought to be given the prices they are selling at.

The new range of Focal-JM Lab high-end speakers with the beryllium tweeters sound warmer than the previous range.

The Focal-JM Lab Diablo with matching stand.

The Diablo's tweeter is housed in a separate chamber.
Asia Sound's Eddie Tan poses
next to the Focal-JM Lab Scalas.
Different chambers house different units.

From what I can recall, the previous range had a very clear, clean, slightly lean and mildly bright sonic signature.

The Diablo and Scala sound warmer, richer and fuller while still retaining the clean and ultra-clear treble courtesy of the much-praised beryllium tweeters.

The bookshelf Diablos come with matching speaker stands and are priced at RM45,000 while the floorstanding Scalas retail at RM115,000.

The pair of Grande Utopia EM speakers have already been sold.

Call Eddie Tan of Asia Sound in Amcorp Mall to audition the new Focal-JM Lab speakers. The Diablo is set up at Asia Sound's first-floor showroom while the Scalas are at the top-floor showroom.


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