Dynaudio's new flagship speakers

Wilfried Ehrenholz, CEO of Dynaudio International GmbH

More than 30 audiophiles attended a presentation by Wilfried Ehrenholz, CEO of respected Danish audio company Dynaudio, at CMY Audio & Visual Sdn Bhd's Damansara Uptown showroom in Petaling Jaya on Thursday afternoon.
Wilfried took the opportunity to not only introduce CMY as the distributor of Dynaudio in Malaysia but also gave a sneak preview - unfortunately in the form of a PowerPoint presentation - of its new flagship speakers called Dynaudio Consequence Ultimate Edition.
Just launched at the Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show 2009 and the Taiwan Hi End Audio Show 2009 earlier this month, the Dynaudio will be in Malaysia by around October. But be prepared to dig deep into your pockets - it will be priced at about a quarter million ringgit.
Wilfried said for the market in this part of the world, the buyer can opt to have the badge in solid gold.

About 30 audiophiles attended the presentation
at the CMY showroom in Damansara Uptown

The Dynaudio Consequence Ultimate Edition is a huge speaker - it measures (W x H x L) 43 x 133 x 63 cm and weighs 114 kg.
It features a four-box design. Dynaudio's website has more to say about this:
"The subtle constructive design of the Consequence - the four-chamber enclosure - reliably avoids problems of mutual disturbance of resonances in various parts of the frequency range.
"On the one hand, the enclosure arrangement provides acoustical resonance decoupling from the floor; on the other hand, it completely prevents interaction of the systems.
"All components are the result of our own research, development, and manufacture. Not only does this include the component loudspeakers with all details but also the fine and noble enclosures, the reinforcement measures, and damping methods.
"All control processes, attack and decay response, and all interactions of the loudspeaker chassis have been considered in the whole concept.
"Our loudspeaker systems have established and confirmed Dynaudio's excellent reputation all over the world. And it is our manufacture of loudspeaker systems on our own that led to a certain independence and in many cases to new, often unusual findings. For instance, we integrated into the Consequence, apart from the high-quality tweeter and midrange systems, a woofer with a diameter of 30 cm (twelve inches) equipped with a huge and rapidly reacting 100 mm (four inches) voice coil made completely of aluminium."

Sadly, there was only a poster of Dynaudio's
new flagship speaker. Note the five speaker
units placed upside down.

The Dynaudio Consequence Ultimate Edition features an array of five speaker units placed upside down with the woofer on top and the tweeter at the bottom. Actually that is what you see, but I will explain later.
Dynaudio's website explains: "Having made extensive calculations and hearing tests, we positioned the woofer on top to compensate for the different delay times of the systems: all signals reach the listener's ear at exactly the same point of time which is of decisive influence on the sound homogeneity."
The speaker features a Vented Compound System for the bass. What it means is that inside the box is another bass driver. This internal woofer offers "compound loading" to the external woofer, and the finely-tuned performance of these two woofers in tandem enables the outstanding deep-bass performance rated to go down to 17Hz, better than the majority of active sub-woofers.
Its specifications are: sensitivity - 85 dB; frequency response - 17Hz-30kHz and power handling up to 400W.
When asked about the right amplifier to match with it, Wilfried declined to name a specific brand but cracked a joke that one would not expect the owner to use a Japanese integrated amp with it.
Twenty-five years ago, the original Dynaudio Consequence was well received, and the Ultimate Edition looks set to be just as well praised.
At the recent KL International Hi-Fi and AV Show, I was quite impressed by the sound quality of the Dynaudio Confidence C4 driven by Jeff Rowland Model 312 power amp, Criterion preamp and Copland CDA822 CD player. If that is any indication, the Dynaudio Consequence Ultimate Edition should offer the ultimate sonic experience.
Alas, we have to wait for two months...


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