Download 12 DSD songs for US10 cents

This must be the bargain of the year!

You can download the Blue Coast Records Collection - The ESE Sessions in DSD format for only 10 US cents (32 sen).

I spotted this offer last night and was worried that it would have expired by now, but I suddenly realised that Malaysia is one day ahead of the United States.

This offer ends on April 2, 11:59pm PST. So Malaysians and Asians and others in this part of the world still have time to download the 12 DSD tracks (available also as 24/96 WAV PCM files).

This well-recorded album has been used by many audiophiles for demo purposes.
What are you waiting for? Click


  1. many thanks for the tip.
    Can we pay and then download it showly over several days or weeks ?

  2. once u pay and u open the download page, u might as well download everything asap. i don't know when the window closes. since they are zipped files, they don't take that long to download.


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