Dynaudio launches wi-fi hi-fi

Finally, audiophiles can forget about spending thousands of ringgit on speaker cables and biwiring because the next big development in hi-fi is wireless systems.

Dynaudio has become the first hi-fi manufacturer to launch a high-end wireless sound system. Its Xeo system is now available in the market (John Yew of CMY said he has ordered one shipment which will be arriving in Malaysia by early May). Its dedicated website http://www.dynaudio.com/int/xeo/Xeo_is_wireless.html said: "Because Xeo is the very first wireless and remote controlled High End loudspeaker system. Say goodbye to speaker cables, D/A converters, amplifiers and special software. Unplug them all. And simply plug in the Xeo loudspeakers and the Xeo Transmitter.

"Here you go. Everything else can be easily done via the smart, slim remote control. Powering the speakers on and off. Setting the volume level. Selecting an audio source, or muting the sound. And for those old-school components you just got rid of - there’s always an e-bay. Unplug and play.

"The Xeo speakers receive the music digitally, process the music digitally, and amplify the music digitally. Sent from the Xeo Transmitter, the Xeo loudspeakers receive the most pure, unchanged music signal."

Here's the Q and A section:

1. What is Dynaudio Xeo?

Dynaudio Xeo is the world’s first true wireless high end loudspeaker system.

2. What do I need to use Dynaudio Xeo?

Dynaudio Xeo is un-plug and play. No loudspeaker cables, no D/A converters, no amplifiers, no set-up software, no plug-in or IP address are needed. 

3. What is the Xeo Transmitter?

The Xeo Transmitter is an electronic device that receives music from a connected sound source and wirelessly transmits it, uncompressed, to the Xeo loudspeakers.

4. Can I connect any audio source to the Xeo transmitter?

Yes, the transmitter  may be connected to multiple sources, as it features both an optical (Toslink) digital input as well as a mini USB digital input, allowing connection to the digital output of myriad audio devices, while two analogue inputs - a stereo mini jack for connecting a Smartphone, Tablet or other personal media devices, as well as a set of RCA stereo inputs allowing connection to an existing hi-fi system are on offer.

5. Is the Xeo system also ready for multi-room/multi-zone installations?

Yes, one single Xeo transmitter can also supply wireless sound to a second pair of Xeo loudspeakers in a second room, and to a third pair of Xeo speakers in a third room.

6. What is the maximum distance between the Xeo transmitter and the Xeo speakers?

Depending on room shapes and wall construction, one Transmitter can send the signal up to 50 meters, or up to 100 meters in spaces without any boundaries.

Looks like this is the start of another chapter in hi-fi. Many other manufacturers are heading the wireless route.

I know for sure that PSB is one of them as I spoke to Founder and Chief Designer of PSB Speakers International Paul Barton (see http://hi-fi-avenue.blogspot.com/2010/08/future-is-wireless.htmlduring the KL International AV Show in 2010 and he told me the future of hi-fi and home theatre will be wireless.

He said PSB's visionary designers are already working on a 5.1 system that will receive signals wirelessly from a control box that will be linked via HDMI cable to a BluRay player.

The control box will transmit the 5.1 channels to the speakers which will be 'intelligent' enough to sense the listener's position via a command on the remote control and communicate with each other to calibrate the individual speaker's volume so that the listener will get the full 5.1 effects in a balanced way. It will also be possible to include the Audyssey MultEQ room correction feature in the wireless system.


  1. not exactly a very new concept as past HTiB sets do have wireless rear speakers or wireless subs. thing is, would each individual speaker require it's own power source?

  2. munwai,
    the speakers are active and would require power cords. the transmitter would also require a power cord.

  3. this will only work with the wireless speakers, not any speaker, from what i read


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