M2Tech Young DAC available in Malaysia

The DAC which looks very good and has received much praise for its sonic quality is now available in Malaysia.

M2Tech's Young DAC which is 32/384 capable (despite the absence of commercially available files in that resolution) represents the fourth generation of DACs.

However, it was not the first to market a 32/384 DAC as the Antelope Zodiac Gold can also handle files through USB up to 384kHz and it was launched earlier.

It is only a question of time before 32/384 DACs are common, but at the moment 24/192 DACs are flooding the market.

M2Tech Young is brought into Malaysia by Michael Chai who is now having a special offer for early birds - RM4,500 - and the offer ends early December.

Michael Chai said he imports M2Tech products directly from Italy and not via Singapore and added that he is the authorised dealer for Malaysia.

Other products available are M2Tech EVO (RM1,550), M2Tech EVO Supply (low noise battery supply RM1,550), M2Tech hiFace 24/192 Async USB-SPDIF converter (RCA version: RM480; BNC version: RM580).

You can reach Michael Chai at info@aegophile.net


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