Upgrading my TV

Five years ago, I bought a new TV. It was a huge and heavy CRT-type Philips 34" TV. It was HD-ready and was bought just in time for the 2006 World Cup.

The huge 'dinosaur' must have been from the last generation of CRT TVs because soon after it was launched, prices of plasma and LCD TVs started declining and the shops began to dump the big CRT 'dinosaurs'.

Much has changed in five years. Today, LED TVs (actually LED-backlit TVs) are replacing LCD TVs, 3D TVs are in their second generation and a new range of plasma TVs has entered the market.

So after spending much time at Harvey Norman and Best Denki checking out the various types and brands available and prices (and checking the bank account, of course) my wife and I decided to upgrade.

So I telephoned Max of Maxx AV, the home theatre and sub-woofer expert, to ask his opinion.

"These days LED TVs are replacing LCD TVs and I also notice that a new generation of plasma TVs has been launched. I was at a friend's house and watched a Blu-Ray disc on his new Samsung 50" plasma TV and the picture quality was really good. So between an LED TV and a plasma TV, which would you recommend?" I asked Max.

The Panasonic 50" plasma TV.

"Go for the plasma," he replied.


"The plasma TV's black is blacker and the colours are more natural," he said.

"I also noticed that the Samsung plasma TV was not hot. I remember in the old days you could feel the heat if you placed your hand four or five inches from the screen," I said.

"Yes, the new plasmas are cooler and are energy efficient. They have to meet new energy efficiency standards," he said.

"OK, what brand would you recommend?"

"Go for the Panasonic," he said.

So I took his advice and bought a 50" Panasonic VIERA full-HD TH-P50U30K plasma TV and had it wall-mounted.

I used a Giraffe HDMI 1.3 cable to link the Astro B.yond box to the plasma TV and I was soon channel surfing.

The difference in picture quality between the HD and SD channels is astounding and I now tend to surf to the HD sports and nature channels for a visual treat.

Max was right, the colours are indeed more natural.

And since my Pioneer Home Theater In A Box has gone kaput, I may have to .....(check the bank account again).


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