Fly-wheel tweak

I had been comparing Michael Lim's vinyl platter with the stock Rega glass platter on my modded Rega Planar 3 and I noted that the vinyl platter delivered a steadier pace and rhythm.

This is due to the fly-wheel effect of the vinyl platter since it is thicker at its rim. 

This fly-wheel effect provides speed stability which results in a steadier pace and rhythm. I decided to tweak the Rega glass platter to get the fly-wheel effect.

Despite the fact that the glass platter rings (and this manifests as harder and 'splashier' high notes), the material actually has some advantages - it is quite heavy and is very flat. Many platters made of other materials are not that flat and they can wobble a bit.

To achieve the fly-wheel effect, I had to increase mass along the rim of the platter. So I bought some rubber footers from the DIY shop. These weigh 0.75gm each and I stuck 16 of them around the rim of the glass platter. Total weight = 12 gms.

I played an LP and after a while I felt that the pace and rhythm were still not as good as when I used the vinyl platter.

So I bought some rubber bumpers, which are heavier at 3.5gms each. I stuck eight along the rim. Total weight of bumpers = 28gms. Total weight of bumpers plus footers = 40gms.

The glass Rega platter with the rubber footers
and bumpers stuck along its rim.
If I could do it again, I would just use the heavier bumpers.

Actually if I could start all over again, I would just buy the bumpers and paste 16 (56gms) of them around the rim.

I played an LP again and I felt that the music finally had the steadier pace and rhythm that I wanted.

Also, the leading edges of music became more dynamic and 'sharper' and bass notes had more 'thump'.

This relatively cheap (a pack of footers or bumpers cost around RM6.90) tweak will result in better rhythm and more dynamic-sounding music.


  1. I have been using a sheet of bubble-wrap as a platter mat on my Thorens 160B (with a Rega RB300) the last 15 years , Try that !

    ( )


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