Rega DAC launched

Rega has just launched its DAC simply called Rega DAC which can decode normal Red Book 16 bit 44.1kHz data right up to native 24 bit 192 kHz hires files.

It is also capable of accepting 176.4kHz upsampling files, something that not all 24/192 DACs can do.

The Rega DAC is housed in an aluminium and steel shoe box-shaped case and looks like a Cyrus component.

The Rega DAC looks like a Cyrus component,.

It features 5 user selectable digital filters, two isolated Co-axial inputs, two Toslink SPDIF inputs and an isolated USB input. All inputs can accept 24/192 except the USB which accepts only 16/48.

Literature from its website states: "The input stage comprises a Wolfson digital receiver with a high stability low jitter clock. The receiver and PLL have their own dedicated power supplies. The DAC stage comprises of a pair of parallel-connected Wolfson WM8742 DAC's, which are driven via a buffer stage, which ensures the integrity of the data being fed to the DAC IC's similar to the arrangement used in the Isis. Great care has been taken to remove noise generated by the PC and other input sources.

"The output amplifier employs a discrete differential multiple feedback filter and output amplifier, with a high cut-off frequency for use with higher sample rates. We decided not to use a sample rate converter and process the data at the incoming sample rate which keeps the signal processing to a minimum. Jitter was minimised by synchronously clocking the digital data with our receiver PLL (removing any jitter from the input signal).

"All the capacitors associated with the analogue signal path are Nichicon FG bypassed with MMK polyester capacitors, and low impedance conductive polymer capacitors are used for DAC decoupling. The power supply utilizes a toroidal transformer, fast rectifier diodes and again Nichicon FG capacitors. There is a power supply for the control microcontroller, separate from the digital & analogue audio stages. Special attention being paid to the inter IC control signals ensuring the control data noise is kept to a minimum."

I have been testing the Rega DAC for the past few days and a review will be posted soon.

A shipment of Rega DACs should arrive in Malaysia in a few weeks' time and they should be on demo at Asia Sound in Amcorp Mall by the middle of January. Tentatively, the price should be around RM2,500.


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