Direct-cut 2v1g CD coming

Malaysian audiophile music outfit pop pop music will be releasing a direct-cut version of the first 2v1g CD which is said to be as good as the master tape.

This involves using an AIFF file as master to burn with a studio-quality burner to a That's CDR by Taiyo Yuden at the slowest speed possible for minimum errors.

It will be a limited edition of 499 copies with a unique serial number and special packaging.
The direct-cut CD should be out in January.

There's more good news for vinyl addicts - Leslie Loh of pop pop music said he plans to issue audiophile pressings in vinyl in collaboration with Stockfisch of Germany.

He has not finalised the release date yet, but it could be sometime next year.

His audiophile efforts have been selling quite well in Malaysia - jz8 has sold more than 3,000 copies while 2v1g (2nd album) has sold more than 2,000. But the first 2v1g is still in demand and it gets repeat orders every month.

Singers Jeffrey Lim and Winnie Ho who
are featured in the 2v1g second album.
2v1g, which stands for two voices and one guitar, comprised Roger Wang (guitar), Winnie Ho (vocalist) and Regine Tai (vocalist). The second 2v1g CD had Jeffrey Lim replacing Regine Tai.

The debut 2v1g album has sold more than 10,000 copies in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan and it has been especially well received by the Taiwanese.


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