Heading towards sonic heaven

Here I am listening to the latest version of my ever-changing stereo system.
Is this the end of the journey towards sonic nirvana? As any audiophile would know, this hobby is bit like life - the journey only ends when one encounters satori and the problem is that satori is hard to find.
For now, I am quite happy with the rig comprising a CEC3300 CD player, a Musical Fidelity A3-24 DAC, a Sugden C28 preamp, a Bryston 3BSST power amp and a pair of ATC SCM40 speakers all linked up with DH Labs Silver Sonic Air Matrix interconnects, a pair of DIY interconnects comprising 0.2mm 99.99 pure silver with Eichmann plugs and Mapleshade Clear View Double Helix speaker cables. I am using a DIY power cord with Furutech plugs connected to the CD player and an Oyaide Tunami GPX connected to the power amp. As I said earlier, I am quite happy...but perhaps a better preamp would improve things a bit and take me a step nearer nirvana.
I have with me a couple of components to review - Pear Bosc interconnects and a Yarland FV34B tube amp.
Stay tuned for more on this hobby that threatens to bankrupt us...


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